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It’s hard to imagine there is anyone in the world who has not heard about Rolex. They are the epitome of dress to impress, and quality. 

And of course, there are those who scoff at it. Some say it’s just another posh, big name brand with nothing to its name. For some people, seeing their friend wearing a solid yellow gold Day-date 40 may just be too much. But when you look a little closer into Rolex’s manufacturing process, you see there’s a lot of horological substance that warrants Rolex’s status amongst watchmakers.

Many brands claim their products are handmade, when in fact they are created by machinery. 

Not the case for Rolex, though. While Rolex does employ machinery in some of the more delicate aspects of production, their movements, timepiece assembly and even the bracelets are all done by hand. Each Sky-Dweller, Daytona, or Submariner had an expert watchmaker make them manually.

Rolex is borderline infamous for their laser-tight focus on quality and detail (hey, they don’t call it Swiss precision for nothing!) and each and every watch is independently tested. Even if a Rolex watch would, at some point in its life, fail, it’d still happenbehind factory doors.

This is why the Swiss watchmaking brand takes so much care and ensures each machine is assembled and tested by a living, breathing human being. Because although humans might not be as strong as a machine, they certainly can ensure the best quality.

And it gives the final product something extra. Overall, the process of making one single watch is said to take about a year. When you receive your Rolex, the watchmakers will have already spent a year with it, caring for it, making it, polishing it…

Next time you hear someone say, “A Rolex is a Rolex”, this is why!

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