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We have all heard that Patek Philippe is a highly exclusive watch brand. Maybe we even recognize their famous Calatravas, Nautiluses, and Grandmaster chimes when we see them. 

But do you know just how exclusive they are, I wonder? 

If you’ve ever worn or seen a Patek Philippe watch and thought to yourself “oh, this would be fit for a king”, then you weren’t that far off. 

During the Great Exhibition in London, 1851, Queen Victoria was surveying the exhibits when she learned of Patek Philippe’s innovative technology for a watch with a keyless winding system. She ended up selecting a powder blue pocket watch with diamonds and a captivating, floral motif. 

Furthermore, she commissioned Patek Philippe to provide both her and her husband, Prince Albert, with watches and was a keen supporter of the company throughout her reign.

And Queen Victoria is not the only crowned head to wear a Patek Philippe watch. The famous brand also created timeless pieces for Louise, the Queen of Denmark, who wanted a pocket watch to give her husband, King Christian IX, for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Other famous monarchs to wear Patek Philippe designs were King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and Hussein Kamel, the Sultan of Egypt. 

So, is Patek Philippe a watch brand fit for royalty? You bet!

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