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You cannot set foot in any respectable watch shop and not find at least a few timeless Longines pieces. The Swiss watch brand, which has made a notable appearance in no less than three James Bond movies, started out in a surprisingly modest setting. 

Longines has its birthplace in the small town on Saint-Imier, which is where its headquarters stand to this day. And while it began as a small enough brand, it rapidly rose to fame and proved its mettle across the world after it broke the record and set the trend among all watchmakers.

It may not seem like much now, but in the late 1970s, watchmaking companies were racing with each other for who could create the thinnest watch the fastest. While many had managed to create a reasonably thin watch, none had been able to break the 2 mm barrier. Until… 

In 1979, Longines succeeded in creating the Feuille d’Or, an exquisite quartz watch that was only 1.98 mm. Since then, all watch brands have managed to reach the 2mm barrier with the aid of modern technology.

The eighties preferred a more “rich and flashy” look; compared to the playful or subdued watch esthetics of the prior two decades. Following their development, and following the impact of the quartz crisis, the struggle for the thinnest watch eventually went away. 

A new market for bulky, massive watch was created. Yet only Longines, this little Swiss brand, will always hold the record for pushing the thin frontier below 2 mm. An impressive feat regardless of current fashion.

And who knows, maybe the time of thin watches is right around the corner.

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